Tourist places in Kochi to visit on your Kerala holiday

Kochi is the second largest city in Kerala and is generally known as the Queen of Arabian Sea .It is the commercial capital of Kerala is also known as the gateway of Kerala. It is a metropolitan city with attractive tourist places. Whether you plan for a two days’ visit or for a week; Kochi has lots to offer you and your friends. You can hit the historical places to explore traditions/culture or you can just enjoy the modern life with the twist of Kerala’s culture. It is perfect for the people who just want to chill and have a gala time. There are a lot of must visit tourist places in Kochi like Mattancherry Palace which was built by the Portuguese in 1555, Paradesi Synagogue which is India’s oldest synagogue, Santa Cruz Basilica whihc is a Stately basilica with Portuguese origins, St. Francis Church, Hill Palace, Tripunithura with a Palace, museum, history, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Wonderla Amusement park, Indo-Portuguese Museum which is a Museum on region’s Portuguese influence, Ernakulam Shiva Temple. Here is a list of popular Tourist places in Kochi to visit on your Kerala holiday.

Marine Drive:

It is a beautiful promenade which starts from the High Court Junction and reaches till the Rajendra Maidan while covering a distance of 1.75 km; facing the backwaters. You will find shopping malls as well as fast food joints while walking here. Visit this place along with the friends to enjoy a memorable walk by the serene view of water and do not miss the beautiful sunset in the evening. The important landmarks that you can enjoy are The Marine Walkway, The Rainbow Bridge, The Kettuvallam, The China Net Bridge and The Asoka-Tharangini Apartments.


Lulu Mall:

It is the biggest mall in Kerala and the perfect place to hang out with friends. You can enjoy movie shows, 5D cinemas, party hall, food courts, ice skating, game stations, bowling alley, restaurants and many more entertainment zones. The mall is well maintained with all required facilities using modern technologies.


Fort Kochi:

This place is perfect to enjoy the beautiful beaches. The European architectural style of the buildings of Fort Kochi is another attraction to enjoy with friends. This city has its own style when it comes to architecture, making it outstand from other cities of Kerala. You can even enjoy fishing with your friends and experience the use of Chinese fishing nets by paying a small fee to fishermen to show you how the nets work.

Kochi chinese fishnets in twilight in Kochi, Kerala. Fort Kochin,  Kerala, South India

Kochi chinese fishnets in twilight in Kochi, Kerala. Fort Kochin, Kerala, South India

Jew Town

This is one of the popular spots of Kochi. Records say that the settlement of Jews dates back to as early as 700BC. This town is a perfect example to bring forth the Jewish tradition, culture and charm. Jew synagogue (Paradesi Synagogue) is a must see in Jew Town. This synagogue is the oldest active one in the Commonwealth of Nations. You can explore it all with your friends and enjoy your trip in Jew Town.


Willington Island:

It is the largest man made island situated in India. You will find some of the best hotels ad commercial offices of Kerala in WIllinton Island. This island was made in 1933 and was named after Lord WIllingdon.This island provides a beautiful view of the city. One can enjoy the amazing walkways and jetties on WIllingdon Island. You would also love to see the evening sun from this lovely man-made island.


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