Solo Travel Tips for an awesome holiday

How many times have you heard that people cancelled their trip just because they didn’t want to travel alone? Well, if you get proper solo travel tips , single adventure shouldn’t be just a reluctant plan B. It is an opportunity to explore on your own and indulge yourself. You may go wherever you please, when it suits you, and you don’t have to ask for permission or negotiate the schedule.  Nobody will be bored to death sitting on a beach while you are over the moon surfing.

Choose the best destination for solo travel

Can you rather envision yourself enduring glacial temperatures in an igloo, or observing the town square from the balcony while drinking hot beverage? Would you like to walk for hours on a Peru’s Inca Trail or doze off in a deckchair on a tropical beach? Well the good news is you can find it all, and it is a matter of your personal choice. A tropical island or the frozen north may be apt for you , but just keep in mind that not having a partner watching over you brings forth some safety issues. Hence, pick your destination carefully.

Selecting the right tour for solo tour

Pay attention that traveling single is more expensive. On the bright side, many tour companies provide discounts on single supplements for solo travelers. It is a great way to avoid notorious extra costs, although you might have to share a room with someone, or put up with being packed like sardine in a hostel.

There are many different tour offers depending on your budget and preferences. Some are physically challenging tours offering authentic local experience, while others are all about relaxing and refilling your battery. Not everyone would want to sleep in a desert tent or under the night sky while wolfs howl in the distance, so consider yourself warned.

Be Friendly & Approachable

Wherever you go, it’s always a good idea to learn a few phrases in native language. When you don’t have a traveling companion, it is of utmost importance to be friendly and approachable so that even locals can give you solo travel tips. Reach out and strike up conversation with strangers on buses and trains. Consider outdoor dining in a park or a square, chat with a waiters and waitresses. Yet, remember that embarking on a solo journey shouldn’t turn into a persistent hunt for companions.  Learn to treasure the moments of solitude.

Pack Light but get everything

You can pack light, but make sure you bring the essentials. Don’t forget about one detail – contraceptives and condoms. You may get lucky when you least expect it, solo adventures are quite unpredictable and exciting.  Even the most enthusiastic people don’t party 24/7, so bring a novel for leisure time, or keep a journal.  Laptop is good for keeping in touch with your family and friends, and making them regret not coming with you.


Take your time with planning

Traveling alone is a personal adventure where you discover more about yourself along the way. Being on your own is indeed an exhilarating experience, but it can also wear you down. Plan things ahead, and take a break. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a good lunch, and then go bungee jumping. And remember, everything can remain your little secret.


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