Must Haves for a Beach Trip in Kerala

Must Haves for a Beach Trip in Kerala

God’s own country is definitely a paradise for both mountain and sea lovers- the beaches of Kovalam outside Thiruvananthapuram, Marari Beach in Alleppey (northern Kerala) and Varkala Beach and the hill station of Munnar are more than enough to quench the thirst of the traveller’s eye. Beach tourism in Kerala is highly active as many flock down to the state from Gujarat and Maharashtra for soaking in some sun and sand. The state has certainly gained some traction as an alternative to Goa.

If you are planning for a beach trip in Kerala sometime soon, here are some of the essentials that you must have.

A stylish woman’s guide to being beach ready

Every girl loves visiting the beach not only for frolicking about in the salt water and waves but also for wearing bikinis and other swimwear. Some girls actually take up gymming religiously in order to get their bodies bikini fit for a trip to the beach. If you are coming down to Kerala, you will definitely not want to give up this opportunity. Although the state is quite conservative, girls in bikinis are a common site on the beaches, and you need not feel awkward.

If you have set your mind to wearing one, pick one out in a pop colour which would match the vibes of the beach. A two-piece in blue or orange is a great idea as it would reflect the mood of the scenery. You can also wear one which is a wraparound kind if you do not want to show too much skin. These bikinis are made of spandex that makes it easy for you to clean them of the sand deposits. You can pair some chunky beads and bangles in plastic or glass with them as accessories. Avoid wearing heavy jewellery as it may be damaged by the salt water or wash away when you frolic in the waves. To go down to the beach from your hotel, you can wear a flowing beachwear top with a sarong wrapped around your waist. Colourful sarongs can be paired with white or cream coloured spaghetti tops to create a bold look.

Those uninterested in wearing bikinis can always slip into a tank top and shorts or a loose fitted tee with hot pants as they are great beachwear. Maxi dresses and beach wear dresses are also pop picks for lazing around on the beach. Opt for floral prints that look radiant in the setting. Flip flops and waterproof slippers are a must.



Among the make-up products that you must have, a sunscreen lotion is of prime importance. Go for an SPF 30 lotion to protect you from getting tanned. Light make-up should always be put on when you go down to the beach as the humid weather would make your cosmetics melt. A lip gloss and waterproof kajal should do the trick of making you gorgeous.

Lastly, include some regular clothes in your backpack like capris and skirts for roaming the streets or going for bike rides. If backpacks offer limited space to you, you can always opt for shoulder bags for carrying around your clothes, accessories and other belongings.

Being a handsome dude among the belles on the beach

The beach can be a great place for guys to unwind, lying around on deck chairs, with nothing to do but count the waves, swim and enjoy drinks while listening to music. This is one of the occasions where you can let your hair down without thinking about work pressure.

Beach Trip in Kerala

To completely detach your true being from your corporate self, go for colourful clothes that put you in a great mood. Pick out shorts in hues such as blue, yellow and green and pair them with casual shirts with floral prints on them in pop colours. Not only are they comfortable but they also help you get in the holiday mood. You can also go for a vest with a pair of shorts while on the beach.

For carrying your change of clothes, sunscreen lotion for protecting your skin from the scorching rays of the sun, towel and other accessories, you must have a backpack. Travel light as you would not want to lug around suitcases on the beach. Do not carry expensive watches as they may get damaged by the salt water. You can however go with an inexpensive one which is water resistant.

Hats- A must have for both men and women

Much like sunscreen, hats keep your face protected from the harsh rays of the sun. You can find straw hats selling on the beach or carry one from home. Make sure you carry one which has a large rim as it offers maximum protection.

Armed with your beach goodies, you can expect to have a great time as you hop from one stunning beach in Kerala to the other.


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