Best Honeymoon destinations in Kerala

Are you planning to enjoy your honeymoon in Kerala? If yes, this is a great decision because there many honeymoon destinations for your wedding. There are great destinations that will allow you to know your spouse and enjoy time together. This article provides you with some of the honeymoon destinations in Kerala.

Alleppey Backwaters 

Kerala is well endowed with a lot of islands, lagoons and lakes that are all interconnected by waterways. It will be perfect to start your cruise from Alleppey on the southern parts of the area. You can start enjoying your honeymoon at any point to the southern part. Here you may engage a houseboat with one room. However, make sure that the room is air conditioned to make it conducive.

The scenery provided is stunning with coconut trees with their green heads swaying against the skies, blue green waters and the paddy fields on the banks that are either golden or green depending on the season. You will come across a wide range of boats such as a rope bound boat, small shikaras and others. You also get to enjoy country life with a lot of rustic activities.



This is a great honeymoon holiday destination that is hilly all along. Wayanad has a moderate weather that makes it perfect to enjoy your honeymoon. The good thing is that it is easy to reach this destination because it is located near Calicut airport. There are many amenities you can enjoy such as boating, swimming pool and Ayurvedic massage.

In addition, there are excellent hotels or resorts with cozy rooms. When enjoying your honeymoon in Wayanad, there are a lot of activities that would make your honeymoon livelier. You can go for a picnic to Pookot lake, enjoy boat rides as you enjoy the greenly atmosphere around. There are also Soochipara and Meenmutty waterfalls that are worth watching. If you like swimming and bathing Soochipara is perfect for such.



This is one of the must see places in India. One of the greatest advantages of this place is that even during the summer midday the place is never hot. The area is surrounded by three hills, but the huge meadows provide you with the perfect feeling of space. This location is also popular for varieties of orchids. There are many fine resorts available and the best thing is that the charges are affordable making a great destination for a memorable honeymoon.


Poovar Island

This is an area that lies between backwaters and the sea. You get to the island through a short boat ride from the town of Poovar. There are many resorts that have cottages built on land and others floating on water. They are built in all luxury making them perfect for you as you enjoy your honeymoon. Most of the cottages are ever green, have thatched roofs and eco-friendly with solar power. Every cottage has a lot of privacy and ensures you have enchanting scenic views.


Just like you need Bahrain visa when visiting any part in Bahrain, the same applies when you want to enjoy your honeymoon in Kerala. Ensure you apply for the Visa in advance as you plan your wedding to ensure it is ready by the time you want to enjoy your honeymoon in any of the above destinations.

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