8 Amazing Things to Do In Kerala

The Beauty of Kerala cannot be defined in the limited words like lush green trees, stunning wildlife views, and the backwaters are all impressive indeed and enough to get yourself lost in the magical views of nature.  There are a lot of amazing Things to Do In Kerala and for adventurous people, Kerala is like a heaven.

In order to make the whole story Short, We are here describing the most outstanding activities to do in Kerala in order to introduce you to the true feelings of enjoyment in a honeymoon visit or with family trip or friends.

#1: The Elephant Ride:

Instead of exploring the area in the modern vehicle, why not explore it in the natural way? Well, hire a natural vehicle. TheKaddy – a travel guide in Kerala offers elephant ride through magnificent scenarios, flourishing green gardens, and the riversides.  Taking some snaps while enjoying elephant ride will also not a bad idea.


#2: Meet Periyars Tigers:

Periyars Tigers Reserve – Nearly 50 Bengal tigers can be found at this reserve. If you wish to meet Periyars tigers go for Bamboo rafting, and exciting and entertaining program reflecting the mystical view of the greenery surrounding the Periyar Lake and the wildlife including tigers, Elephants, deer and monkeys. Don’t be scared as there are forest guides to guide you along the way.


#3: Explore Backwaters:

Kerala backwaters are one of the most beautiful scenes that adds more incredible beauty to the Kerala’s awesomeness. Explore through them by having a boat trip or get a houseboat visit in alleppey. Feel like the house enclosed in the boat is floating over the waves while enjoying coffee and watching the green trees and moving waters from smooth and clean glass walls.


#4: Watch Snake Boat Races:

Alappuzha – a great place in Kerala to visit offers you to watch the delightful snake boat racing. Mostly these snake boat races held from July to September. You can event rent a boat to enjoy watching the race more closely while moving with the racing boats.

#5: Stay in a Tree House:

Staying in a tree house in a jungle will definitely pour your heart full of natural love and let you to lose all your worries and tensions in the magical natural view of the trees, the smooth touch of blowing wind and the sound of air passing through the tree leave are enough to generate a romantic touch to the environment. Feel yourself dissolved in the astonishing nature during the whole stay.


#6: Get Drenched under a Waterfall:

The 80-feet tall, Athirapally falls which now called as ‘Niagara falls of India’ are one of the extraordinary sights at Kerala. The Falls are worth seeing as they provides a cool breezy feelings to eyes and mostly visited in summer or in monsoons i-e from June to September. In additions to its magical view, the falling water produces the most beautiful ‘natural music’ enough to put a music lover, a poet in trance.  Get yourself a Chance to enjoy drenching in the falling cold water of ‘Athirapally falls’ and happy wetting.


#7: Kovalam Beach View:

Watch the naughty waves playing with each other and the beautiful sunset pouring its gold sheet on the blue waters of sea. Kovalam beach is one of the finest beaches in Kerala about 16 kms from Thiruvananthapuram, the remarkable places to visit there are lighthouse, Hawah beach and the quite silent – Samudra beach. The motion of waves disturbing the silence of restful nature are a reason of romantic talks, some recalled memories, gossips and late night beach walks.

#8: Munnar – The Dreamland:

Munnar – also called as the Kashmir of South India is small, attractive hill station covered mostly with tea plantations and is a must among Things to Do In Kerala. It’s pleasant and has cool and comfortable weather, tea touched fresh winds, and the breathtaking natural views not only makes it a great photography point but also if you are lucky enough, you can watch the whole tea making process – from plucking to Packing. Take a cup of tea where it is made and let your eyes fill their natural appetite.

If we can say that Nature can hypnotize than it perfectly fits on the breathtaking, marvelous and wonderful sceneries in Kerala. If this is your first time visit to Kerala, take some time to Plan in order to get the most out of your visit. Observe the village life, meet the locals, drive bike on the tree covered roads in Idduki or Get a Jeep ride in Periyar Jungle.  At every step, there are surprising, magical views to welcome you. You should accept and let the journey to write a new Chapter in the visit book of your mind.

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