10 outdoor essentials for a backpacking trip in Kerala

The younger generation is an adventurous lot and does not hesitate to take up trips in the mountains or the forests for the thrill. Treks to Sandakphu or Kanchenjunga have increased manifold over the past years, something that was reserved only for serious mountaineers in the past decade. Camping trips have been introduced at the school level so that kids develop a love for the outdoors and know how to conduct themselves.

Whenever you are heading out for an adventure trip, there are certain things that you must carry with you such as tools (ropes etc.), a knife, extra clothing, compass, map, fire starter kit, sunglasses and sunscreen, first aid kit, head or flash light and extra food and water.

Hiking Bags

A hiking bag is important because you need to be able to carry all your essentials in it, including implements like ropes and knives. It should be light in weight, spacious and easy to carry around. Make sure you pick a waterproof bag as your belongings will remain protected even when it rains heavily.



Outdoor Shoes

Your boots must be soft within and tough outside as it will allow you to go on for as long as you want. Make sure there is ample space between your toes and the tip of the shoes as it will provide your feet ample space to breathe. It will keep away fungal infections and sweat. There are special hiking boots available which you can buy. These shoes have a waterproof outside and EVA outsole for providing you ample traction to walk on uneven grounds.

If you are going camping, then a pair of high-quality sneakers may be ample. Depending on the terrain where you will be going, you should pick out your footwear.


Extra clothing

The clothes that you wear outdoor are very important because they not only keep you warm during times when the mercury plummets but also protect your body from cuts and bruises. Even though clothes serve a functional purpose here, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable with them! Expert hikers, mountaineers and campers suggest that you take multiple clothes with you to form layers rather than wear one very thick quilted jacket. The layers will protect you from the plunges in mercury. Also, taking off one layer at a time allows you to adjust better to the changing weather conditions rather than shedding off one massive coat and increasing the risk of catching a cold.

Packing in extra clothes is important because you never know when the mercury will plunge or soar. Some of the clothes that you should have with you include a raincoat, outer and inner socks, a fleece jacket or sweater for warmth, woollen caps, mittens in case it gets freezing, mufflers for your neck.


Carrying a raincoat is a must when you go hiking because it will keep you from getting wet in the sudden rains. It would be very messy to undress after getting wet. Try picking out one which looks bright in yellow, blue or red even because it would act as a symbol that would allow other hikers and campers to identify you in case you stray from the others.




Your socks are very important as they keep your feet from sweating too much and better the fitting of the hiking boots or shoes that you wear. An inner sock is a softer one which keeps your feet comfortable while the outer sock is tougher and keeps blisters and bruises away.



A scarf shall not only keep your head and ears protected but also can be used to tie slings in case you sprain your hand. You can use it to cover your neck in case you have caught a cold. Silk and polyester scarves are available in abundance that you can use during outdoor trips.



Fleece Jackets or Sweaters

Sweaters or fleece jackets do not take up much space yet they provide you a lot of warmth. These sweaters are available for both men and women in bright and dull colours. Depending on what you like personally, you can take your pick. Go for one that you need to slip on through your head and has a high enough neck as it would keep you protected in the cold.


Caps and hats

Taking a woollen cap with you, which covers your ears, is very important. A woollen cap will keep your head and ears warm and keep you from contracting a bad cold. It is much needed especially during the night time.

When you hike, wearing a cap or wide brimmed hat is very important as it will keep away the harsh glare of the sun during day times and prevent your face from getting burnt.




It is always advisable to carry many undergarments as you may not have the scope to wash them every day. Moreover, it would comfort you to wear the many layers on it. Go for cotton pieces as they would not sweat as much and can be worn for long without itching.


A pair of gloves is much needed when you go camping or hiking because it keeps your hands warm. Moreover, playing in the snow would be more pleasant when you are wearing these than when you are not!



Sunscreen Lotion and Sunglasses

The sun’s rays on the mountain side are very harsh and can cause sunburn, rashes and even exhaustion. Therefore, wearing good sunscreen is important as it will protect your skin from developing any particular skin condition.

To protect your eyes from the sun’s glares, UVA and UVB rays, wearing a pair of sunglasses is a great idea. It looks stylish and acts as a shield for flying splinters and debris from going into your eyes.





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